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media press port

Budapest, February 28, 2017

media press Group acquires Port Data Network

Mr. Kris Cechnicki, the President of media press Group, today signed an important deal for the acquisition of Port Network, to extend the provision and delivery of TV and radio metadata to the following countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. As a result, media press group has strengthened its position as a market leader and has confirmed that it is well on course to become the biggest provider of TV and radio metadata in Europe.

media press baltic

Zurich/Vilnius/Tallinn, March 8, 2017

media press Baltic

The new business is a joint collaboration between AG (based in Zurich, Switzerland), Europe’s leading provider of TV and radio programme information, with EPGservice Baltic OÜ (based in Tallinn, Estonia) and Mediadata UAB (based in Vilnius, Lithuania). All have agreed to merge activities in order to serve EPG markets in North- and Eastern Europe, through ‘ Baltic UAB’.

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