Media Press Group acquired Port Network - the new force of metadata across CEE
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Media Press acquired Port Network

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Budapest, February 28, 2017

Mr. Kris Cechnicki, the President of media press Group, today signed an important deal for the acquisition of Port Network, to extend the provision and delivery of TV and radio metadata to the following countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia. As a result, media press group has strengthened its position as a market leader and has confirmed that it is well on course to become the biggest provider of TV and radio metadata in Europe.

Welcoming the deal, media press Group’s President Mr. Kris Cechnicki said:

We are very pleased to welcome Port Network to our family and we are looking forward to working with their highly-experienced and skilled staff to provide the best service to clients. Our next step is to integrate television and radio metadata of more than 1,500 CEE channels handled by Port Network. This represents an important expansion of our existing provision of services to our customers, and puts us in the position where we can offer the broadest range of edited programme content in Europe.

media press Group is one of Europe’s leading publishing service providers of TV metadata, processing international TV data from 20 countries, and covering over 2000 TV and 250 radio-stations.

For 30 years, the media press brand has been synonymous with premium editorial content, pioneering technological solutions and the highest production reliability. Unique editorial systems, and an internal IT department with over 70 IT specialists developing the systems, guarantee the highest quality of service for all customers, and provide a stable and long-term development of the group.

Port Network

PORT Network collects, creates and supplies TV and movie data with EPG, VOD, SVOD, and OTT services, TV magazines, TV and movie programme sites, TV channels, viewership research companies and other media houses who find it essential to provide the most detailed information available for both linear and non-linear media consumption.

PORT Network processes TV, radio and movie metadata of 15 CEE countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Joining forces for a meta future

Mutual benefits for all

for Port Network’s employees

Port Network´s employees will be part of a business family that values stability and commitment to staff. They will become an integral part of the team, dedicated to delivering cutting edge technology and editorial services to the most important clients in Europe.

for media press

media press Group will now forge ahead to integrate metadata of 1,700 additional channels. Together with media press group´s existing channel coverage, the acquisition of Port Network provides for the broadest range of edited content of its kind in Europe. Media press Group will be providing data from more than 3,500 channels, sourced directly from at least 25 European countries.

for Port Network’s clients

Port Network’s clients will benefit from media press Group´s outstanding experience and technologies as well as from our track record of innovation. Customers will be well placed to energise their business using the power of media press Group’s products and services.

for media press employees

With the acquisition of Port Network, media press Group is broadening its operations and client relationships, and is well placed to offer its cutting edge technology platform TV Man Next to new customers. We are committed to making further investments in technology which will be shared by more users and clients.

for Port Network’s business

Port Network will gain access to media press Group´s product suite: From advanced solutions for network operators, to metadata delivery solutions for broadcasters, to production listing  infrastructures for TV listings print publications.

for media press clients

Existing media press Group clients will benefit from our expanded service. Our new, pan-European clients will have an opportunity to gain access to integrated solutions, promising an unparalleled user experience. Our current software and technical solutions will be complemented with a further stream of data rich, locally sourced content.


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